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· Swimsuit top
· Removable shells
· Removable straps
· To tie at the back and around the neck
· Golden ring in the center

PATOLA JALAMA brown patterned swimsuit top. The straps of this bikini top are removable, so you can take them off for an optimal tan. You can adjust this swimsuit to your body shape thanks to its removable shells and its ties to tie at the back and around the neck.

· Swimsuit bottoms
· Medium coverage
· Patterned brown color
· Golden rings

NOBLEA JALAMA brown patterned swimsuit bottoms. Opt for these panties with medium coverage. These panties are elegant thanks to their gold rings on the side. • Composition: Polyester 70%

• Metallic Thread 16%
• Polyamide 8%
• Elastane 6%
• Lining: Polyamide 82%
• Elastane 18%

• Hand washing
• Do not tumble dry
• Rinse the swimsuit after each use with clean water

JALAMA -- 2-piece swimsuit


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